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The Capital of Costa Rica is:
A) Kinshasa
B) San Jose
C) Zagreb
D) Bogota

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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The capital of Costa Rica is also the largest city of Costa Rica. The meaning of the city name is Saint Joseph, the colour of the flag of San Jose includes Blue green and white.

Complete Answer:
The capital of Costa Rica is San Jose.
Kinshasa is the capital of the Congo or the Democratic republic of Congo. It is also the largest city of the Congo.
Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia.
Bogota is the capital city of Colombia.

Hence, the correct option is B.

Additional information:
San Jose is a centrally located capital in the country. Obviously being the capital and the largest city of the country it is a hub for economic and political activities. It is also a major transportation hub.
The population of San Jose is around 2.8 lakhs. It is a metropolitan area and is named to honour the Joseph of Nazareth. The sport that is being highlighted in the city is football and there are around 33 league titles under football. The cities of San Jose are Athens, Caracas, Santiago, Rio de janeiro, Madrid, Chimbote, Lima, Beijing and Mexico city.

The meaning of the word Costa Rica is rich coast. It is also known as the Republic of Costa Rica. Costa Rica is situated in Central America. Currency used in Costa Rica is Costa Rican colon. The religion followed by Costa Rica is Christianity. Roman Catholicism is the official religion of the state.