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The boxes are to be filled with apples in a heap. If 24 apples are put in boxes then 27 boxes are needed. If 36 apples are filled in a box how many boxes will be needed.

Last updated date: 25th Jun 2024
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Hint: Carefully observe in the question the data that you have been given. We can multiply given apples into given boxes to get the total number of apples in the heap. Use this to compute the number of boxes required.

Complete step by step solution: Let us analyze the data, now we have been given 27 boxes with 24 apples each.
  we can find the total no of apples in the heap,
Total apples $ = 24 \times 27$ $\left[ {{\rm{number}}\;{\rm{of}}\;{\rm{apples}}\;{\rm{in}}\;{\rm{box}}\; \times \;{\rm{total}}\;{\rm{number}}\;{\rm{of}}\;{\rm{boxes}}} \right]$
          $ = 648$ apples.
Now we know that the total apples in the heap are 648. What we are asked is how many boxes are needed if we pack 1 box with 36 apples.
Total no of boxes= $\dfrac{648}{36}$

=18 boxes.

So our answer will be 18 boxes.

We will require 18 boxes containing 36 apples each.

Note: A tip here in these types of questions is to try doing a unitary method question where you are told about some data like 2 TV’s cost 20,000. So how much will 6 TV’s cost?
The answer will be the cost of 1 TV(10,000) times 6.