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The association between shark and remora is an example of
(a) Parasitism
(b) Commensalism
(c) Mutualism
(d) Predation

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Hint: There are several types of associations in the environment between organisms, where one or both depends on the other for food, shelter, etc. In the case of Remora and shark, both are benefited in some ways from one another. It's the mutual cooperation among them that helps both of them in living comfortably.

Complete step by step answer:
Mutualism is the relationship between two organisms where both organisms get benefitted from one another. The relationship between remora fish and shark can be considered as mutualism. Remora attaches itself to the shark, to travel different parts of the sea by floating with the shark. It helps the remora fish to travel without burning energy. They also get to eat scraps of food dropped by the shark. On the other hand, the parasites live in the shark’s mouth and clean the surrounding by eating their leftover scraps of food. Thus, the remora gets several benefits whereas the shark gets benefitted as well.
So, the correct answer will be 'Mutualism.'

Additional Information: Mutualism is the relationship where both organisms get positive results from it. An example of mutualism is the relationship between remora and shark. Remora depends on sharks for food and locomotion. It has a sucking mouth that helps it to attach itself to the shark. But unlike sea lamprey, it doesn't harm the shark. Instead, it helps the shark by eating parasites living on sharks and scraps of food.
Commensalism is the relationship between two individuals where one gets food or the other benefits from the other without either harming or benefiting the latter. The benefits can be food as well as shelter, support, or locomotion.
When one organism lives on another organism, that type of symbiotic relationship is called parasitism. For example, fleas or ticks that live on dogs or cats.
Predation is the relationship between two organisms where one is a predator and the other is the prey. The predator kills and eats the prey and obtains its nutrition. The best example of predation is the relation between carnivores and herbivores.

Note: Different animals in the environment are dependent on each other for various necessities. There are many kinds of relationships. Mutualism is just one of them. Other than shark and remora, we have other examples of mutualism, such as
- Lichens
- Plant pollinators and plants
- Ants and aphids
- Nitrogen-fixing bacteria and leguminous plants, etc.