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The $21$ weeks expressed in months and days ?

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Hint:As we know that when we combine numbers and variables in a valid way, using the operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation and other operations and functions then the resulting combination of mathematical symbols is called a mathematical expression.

Complete step by step answer:
A problem is a mathematical question written as one sentence or more describing a real life scenario where that problem needs to be solved by the way of mathematical calculation. We can solve the given problem by applying the method of mathematical numbers.Here we have to find the convert $21$ weeks into months and days.We know that $1$ week has $7$ days.So we can write $21$ weeks has $21 \times 7days$. It gives us $147$ days.

We know that $1$ months has $30$ days. Or we can say $30$ days equals $1$ month. So by applying the unitary method we can write $1$ day as $\dfrac{1}{{30}}$ month. We have $147$ days i.e. $147$ days equals $\dfrac{1}{{30}} \times 147$ month.After dividing we can see that it has a remainder, so that is our number of days and the quotient is the month.Hence $\dfrac{{147}}{{30}}$ gives us $4$ months and $27$ days.

Hence, the $21$ weeks expressed in $4$ months and $27$ days.

Note:We should keep in mind that for problems like this, it is good to break up the information and visualize how it fits in together. Based on the requirement and by observing all the necessary information that is already available in the question we gather the information and then create an equation or by unitary method whichever is applicable, then we solve the problem.