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Terrestrial ecosystem having the highest primary productivity is
A) Pond
B) Ocean
C) Desert
D) Forest

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Hint: It is a type of ecosystem found only on lands. There are six primary terrestrial ecosystems.

Complete Answer:
- The total primary production in an ecosystem is known as the ecosystem’s gross primary production (GPP).
- The tropical forest has the highest primary productivity due to aerial extent and highest average productivity.

The correct answer is Forest.

Six terrestrial ecosystems are:
1) Tundra
2) Taiga
3) Temperate deciduous forest
4) Tropical rainforest
5) Grassland
6) Desert

The tropical rainforest covers most areas on earth. This is responsible for most of the net primary productivity of the forest. Terrestrial ecosystems are characterized by greater temperature fluctuations on a diurnal and seasonal basis. Human activities are altering the form of terrestrial ecosystems. Most of the raw materials are received from the terrestrial ecosystem. It also provides oxygen and shelter for various land species.

Characteristics of the terrestrial ecosystem:
1. Rainforest: The climate of the rainforest is usually hot and wet.
2. Deciduous forest: The climate of the deciduous forest is temperate with four distinct seasons.
3. Grassland: Grassland receives enough rainfall to support grasses. Temperatures in grasslands are often warm in the summer and cold in the winter.

Note: The terrestrial ecosystem provides many services including:
- It is a habitat of flora and fauna.
- It provides food, fibre, fuel, shelter resources.
- It transforms and releases carbon, water, and other nutrients.
- It supports most of our development like food production and raw material.
- It controls water runoff.
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