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What style of architecture includes extensive use of arches?

Last updated date: 24th Jun 2024
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Hint: The roman architecture developed important structural elements such as arches, which is a curved structure that is used to support heavy loads from above and to span an opening. The arches enabled people to build larger and varied buildings. The trabeate style of architecture makes use of arches.

Complete step by step answer:
The trabeate was a style of architecture that was used in the construction of mosques/temples, tombs, and in buildings between the eighteenth and thirteenth centuries. In this style of architecture the doors, roofs, and windows were constructed by placing a long, horizontal piece of squared timber or metal to support the roof or floor of a building across the two vertical columns. This horizontal piece of squared timber across the two vertical columns is known as ‘’ trabeate’’ or ‘’corbelled’’. The various monuments give perception into the various technologies that were used early for construction and this stylistic development in the construction mainly involves the use of arches. The same concept was used to build the bridges some of which are still there and used today. There are different types of arches such as circular, pointed, and parabolic. The curve in an arch may be semicircular, segmental, or pointed. Modern arches of steel, concrete, or laminated wood are light weighted and rigid.

Note: The arches are used to support and strengthen the buildings. During the construction, arches are mostly supported by a wooden frame. The arches were first used in 2nd B.C in Mesopotamian brick architecture and then their use started with the ancient Romans who were the first to use this technique in varied structures.