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Stratum germinativum is an example of which kind of epithelium?
A. Columnar
B. Squamous
C. Cuboidal
D. Ciliated

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The human skin contains a number of layers, each having different types of cells. Stratum germinativum is also called stratum basale. It is the deepest layer in the five-layered epidermis. Stratum germinativum’s cells are rectangular in shape, that is the height of the cells is more than their width.

Complete answer:
The epidermis is consisting of five layers. Each layer consists of many epithelial cells of different types. The layers from top to bottom are stratum corneum, stratum lucidum, stratum granulosum, stratum spinosum, and stratum basale/ germinativum.
The outer layer consists of the stratum corneum, stratum lucidum, and stratum granulosum.
The inner layer consists of the stratum spinosum, and stratum basale/ germinativum.
The stratum corneum consists of flat cells with no nucleus and helps in the protection of the skin from mechanical forces.
The stratum lucidum is a very thin layer of dehydrated, dead cells. These are primarily present in the area of thick skins.
The stratum granulosum, like its predecessor, is dehydrated and dead. They contain keratohyalin granules from the layer below it.
Stratum spinosum is a set of squamous epithelium. These cells are held together by tiny spines. The cells in this layer produce keratin and are thus called keratinocytes.
Stratum basale/germinativum is the most basal layer consisting of columnar epithelium. It is constantly getting germinated, and the new cells push older cells towards the outer layer of the epidermis.

Stratum germinativum is an example of the Columnar epithelium. So the correct answer is option (A).

Note: Skin is the largest sensory organ of the body. It performs the function of sensation, protection, secretion, etc. The stratum germinativum layer has specialized columnar cells called basal cells. It can be confused with cuboidal cells. But they are derived from the undifferentiated columnar epithelium.