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Stratification is more common in
(A)Tropical rainforest
(B)Deciduous forest
(C)Temperate forest
(D)Tropical savanna

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Hint: Stratification is the layering of different plants of various heights found in a dense forest. The common stratification is of 5 layers or strata of which 3 are of trees whereas the other two are of shrubs and a ground layer of herbaceous plants.

Complete answer:
Stratification is the vertical layering of vegetation of a habitat which is common in tropical rainforests. The layers are classified according to the different heights to which the plants grow. The different layers are the habitat of different animal and plant species.

Additional Information:
Let us look at different stratified layers of tropical rainforests:
Tree layer- The height of trees in this layer ranges from 5 meters to 45 meters and forms the top stratum. The trees are phanerophytes and are of various heights. At the top of this layer, the crowns of different trees form a closed canopy. The density of trees in this layer determines the amount of light that can enter the forest.
Shrub layer- The height of plants of this stratum ranges from 1.5 to 5 meters and consists mostly of bushes and young trees. This layer can be further divided into two sublayers- the first and second shrub layers. This layer acts as a windbreak close to the trees and also protects the soil from drying.
Herb layer- This layer contains ground cover with heights ranging up to one and a half meters. The plants include various herbaceous plants, dwarf shrubs, and young tree seedlings.
Forest floor- This layer represents the moss and root layer but may include dead trees, herbaceous plants, mushrooms, and tree seedlings.
So, the correct answer is option (A) “Tropical rainforest”.

Note: The other forests mentioned in the question may show stratification but it is more common and distinguishable in the case of tropical rain forests as they contain all kinds of plants with different heights. The example of tropical rainforests in India that contains stratification is forests of Andaman island, Nicobar island, the Western Ghats, and the Assam region.