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State whether true or false.
Fabric is the material produced by weaving or knitting yarn fibres.
(A) True
(B) False

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Hint: The terms ‘fabric’ and ‘cloth’ are usually used in the trades of textile assembly as synonyms for ‘textile’. A textile is a piece of material which is flexible and consists of a network of fibres. These fibres may be natural fibres or artificial fibres.

Complete step by step answer:
First, let us understand what a fibre is. Fibres or fibers are substances that have significantly greater length than their width. They can be natural or man-made. They are mainly used in the manufacture of other materials. Natural fibers originate from plants, animals or geological processes. For example, vegetable fibers like cotton, jute etc. are made up of cellulose. Wood fibres originate from tree sources. But man-made fibres have modified composition, structure and properties. For example, nylon and polyester.
Now, let us understand what yarn is. The meaning of the word ‘yarn’ is string. The term yarn is used to refer to the long continuous length of fibres which are interlocked with one another. It is mainly used in the production of textiles, in embroidery, weaving and knitting. Threads and embroidery threads are types of yarns used in sewing and needlework. Yarn may be made up of natural fibers or synthetic fibers.
Fabric is a cloth material prepared by the process of weaving or knitting yarn. When fibres are subjected to a spinning process, the fibres are drawn out and brought together to form long twisted threads which are called yarns. This yarn is then used for making fabric via two processes: weaving and knitting. Weaving is the process of making fabric by arranging two sets of yarns at right angles to each other. Knitting is the process of making fabric by interlocking loops of a single yarn with the help of knitting needles or machines.
Thus, fabric is made of yarn which is in turn made up of fibers.

So, the given statement is true.

Note: The device used to make fabrics from yarns by weaving is called looms. Looms are of two types: handloom and powerloom. Knitting and weaving are used in making different types of fabrics which are then used in making various types of clothes, sweaters, socks etc. There are many applications of textile also. The most common use is for making clothing and containers. They are also used in making towels, furnishings etc.