State whether the given statement is True or False.
Do stars emit light only during the night?

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Hint: Stars are generally huge celestial bodies in the universe. They are made up mostly of helium and hydrogen. These gases act as fuel for the stars. Stars produce their own light and heat due to fusion reactions inside their core. Stars consist of their own gravity and the smaller celestial bodies revolve around them. Some stars are very far away from us and some are very close to us.

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The best example of the nearest star is our sun. Sun is considered as the center of our solar system. It provides light and heat to us. Just like the sun other stars also emit light and heat but the problem is they are very far away from us and most of them are several million light-years away from us, mostly residing in another galaxy, hence, they are visible on earth as a point-like source. As a result, they are only visible at night when the light of the sun does not fall on the surface of the earth. In our words the sunlight does not reach the opposite part of the earth and that part becomes dark and becomes reliable for visibility of other stars. But during daytime when the surface that faces the sun becomes enlightened by the sun and hence the far away point-like stars become faded and invisible due to the sunlight.
Hence it is false that stars emit light only during the night.

Some stars are even bigger and heavier than our sun but they are only visible as a point source because they are very far away from our earth. Some are part of our galaxy and some are from different galaxies also. It is known that there are about ${10^{11}}$ galaxies and there are about ${10^{22}}$ stars in the universe.