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\[\sqrt 2 \] is a polynomial of degree ________.

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Hint: A polynomial is an expression consisting of coefficients(constants) and variables.
“Poly” means many and “nomial” means terms, hence a polynomial means many terms. 
The degree of a polynomial can be defined as the highest degree of the variable. 
There are different types of polynomials based on the degree of the polynomials.
Examples of polynomials: $2x$ polynomial of degree $1$
$3x^2+ 7$ polynomial of degree $2$.
$1$ is a polynomial of degree $0$ as there is no variable term.
Using these basic details, we will solve the given question.
Complete answer:
The given polynomial is $\sqrt 2$
We need to find the degree of the above polynomial.
As we already know, the degree of a polynomial is the highest power of the variable terms.
Here, in $\sqrt 2$ there is no variable term like $x$. It is only a constant term. These types of polynomials are called Constant polynomials. 
Constant polynomials has degree $0$.
Therefore, $\sqrt 2$ has degree $0$.

• To find the degree of a polynomial, always look for the variable's power. Choose the power of highest variable present which will be the degree.
• If variable power has negative power or fractional/decimal value, then it is not a polynomial at all. The variables in the polynomials always have whole numbers.  
• If the variable is absent, then it is a constant polynomial with degree zero.
• Note that $0$ is also a polynomial, which is called a zero polynomial.