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Solve the given equation: $\dfrac{{98}}{{121}}{{\text{x}}^2} = \dfrac{1}{2}$

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Hint: In this question we need to find the value of x. To solve this question, we would be doing cross multiplication and then find the root of the equation.

Complete step-by-step answer:
We have been given $\dfrac{{98}}{{121}}{{\text{x}}^2} = \dfrac{1}{2}$
Doing cross-multiplication we get,
${{\text{x}}^2} = \dfrac{{121}}{{2 \times 98}}$
$ \Rightarrow {{\text{x}}^2} = \dfrac{{121}}{{196}}$
 Square rooting both the sides we get,
$x = \sqrt {\dfrac{{121}}{{196}}} $
$ \Rightarrow x = \dfrac{{11}}{{14}}$
Hence, $x = \dfrac{{11}}{{14}}$ is the required value.

Note: Whenever we face such types of problems the crux point to remember is that we need to have a good grasp over the concept of square and square roots of the numbers. These types of questions require us to remember the square roots of some common numbers as this makes solving the questions much easier and gets us on the right track to reach the answer.