Soil erosion can be prevented by
A. Overgrazing
B. Removal of vegetation
C. Afforestation (Plantation)
D. Increasing bird population

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Hint: Soil erosion affects the environment and is a major threat. Soil is one of the important components of the environment. It provides the space for the plants to grow and provides necessary nutrients to them.

Complete Answer:
- Soil erosion is the removal of the top layer of the soil due to natural or artificial means. The soil moves from one place and gets settled in another area or place. It is a type of soil degradation which can occur in all types of lands. Removal of a high amount of top layer of soil is very harmful and can have serious effects and can cause threat to the environment.

Some of the methods to prevent soil erosion are:
- Planting of more trees as the roots of the trees and plants hold the soil and does not allow the soil to wither off.
- Using fibre logs to prevent soil from moving or sloping.
- Proper drainage system to allow proper flow of water in water collecting systems.
- Mulch matting can be done.

The correct answer is option (C) which is afforestation.

Overgrazing refers to the over eating of the grass by various herbivore animals in the fields exposing the top layer of the soil. It is one of the causes of soil erosion and not a prevention. Removal of vegetation also leads to exposure of soil layer leading to soil erosion. Increased bird population has no role to play with the soil erosion.

Additional information:
Causes of soil erosion:
1. Various types of agricultural practices exposes the soil which is readily available for erosion.
2. Grazing and overgrazing can lead to exposure of soil due to its loosening.
3. Construction of various buildings causes deforestation and clearing of lands. It exposes the soil for erosion.
4. Flowing of heavy winds takes away the top layer of soil along with it.
5. Natural calamities such as floods are an important cause of removal of the top layer of soil.

Note: Soil erosion is the process of removal of the top layer of soil. It is caused mainly due to heavy rainfall and floods. Some of the methods to prevent soil erosion include planting more trees on barren lands which is called as afforestation. The roots of the trees and plants hold the soil and do not allow them to wither off.
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