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Who signed the Atlantic Charter in August 1941?
A. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill
B. Winston Churchill and Harry Truman
C. Clement Attlee and Franklin D. Roosevelt
D. Neville Chamberlain and Harry Truman

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Hint:The host country of the Charter was Newfoundland. It began from 9th August to 12th August 1941. The venue of the declaration was Naval Station, Argentia.

Complete answer:
Option A, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill were the main proponents of the Atlantic Charter 1941. The Charter was a statement stating the American and British goals after the end of World War II. It consisted of some of the aims to be adopted by them such as no changes to be made against the wish of people leading to encouragement of self-determination, restoring the self-government for those who are deprived, reducing the restrictions on trade, bringing global cooperation for better economic conditions, abandoning the harsh measures or use of forces etc.
This Charter cleared that the United States and British were together and supported each other for defeating the Germans. It was signed and released in public on 14th August 1941. The Charter was adopted by various countries consisting of Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Yugoslavia. So, it is the correct answer.

Therefore, the correct answer is Option A, i.e. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.

Note: The Atlantic Charter gave birth to various other international agreements such as North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO and General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, GATT.
The original name of the agreement was ‘Joint Declaration by the President and Prime Minister’ but it was later named ‘Atlantic Charter’ by the Labour Party newspaper Daily Herald.
The supporters of the agreement also signed the Declaration by the United Nations on 1st January 1942.