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Last updated date: 26th Nov 2023
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MVSAT Dec 2023

What is the past tense of "read"?

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Hint: The past tense is a verb tense used for a past activity or a past state of being.
For example: I jumped in the lake. (This is a past activity.); I was happy.(This is a past state of being.)

Complete answer:
The past tense of "read" is "read", spelled the same but pronounced differently - it is pronounced as 'red'. The verb "read" has an irregular past tense form as it does not accept the addition of "-ed" or "-d". The past participle of the verb "read" is the same as the past form "read" which is pronounced as "red".
“Read” is one of about 157 irregular English verbs; these are usually the shorter, older, most common verbs people must know to be fluent in English.

“Read” (pronounced “RED”) is both the past participle and the past tense of “read” (pronounced “REED”). This is an irregular verb.

Note: Only the past tense and past participle are pronounced “RED” (short “e”); the other tenses are a long “e” (“REED”). “The students read five books last week” is past tense. The past participle is used in perfect tenses such as “They have read their assignments” (present perfect tense) or “They had read their assignments” (past perfect tense).