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Select the abstract noun from the given option.
A) Prosperity
B) Garden
C) Packet
D) Angel

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Hint: Abstract nouns are basically concepts, ideas or feelings which can only be experienced or thought about. They are not actually physical things that can be seen with the naked eye. For e.g. Justice, happiness, hatred. Abstract nouns can be formed by modifying adjectives. For e.g. Happy is an adjective and the abstract noun is happiness.

Complete answer:
Let us consider the following options and check if they can be tasted, touched, seen, heard or smelt. The option which will not be observed by any one of these senses will be our correct option.

Let us look into the given options:
Option A) Prosperity – It refers to the state of being successful in terms of having a lot of money or being wealthy. It is just a state of life that can be experienced and its effects can be seen. Prosperity in itself is not a physical thing that can be seen with the naked eye. Hence, it is an abstract noun.
Option B) Garden – It is a piece of land which is next to a house and is used for growing grass, shrubs, flowers and may also contain a playing area for children. It sometimes also refers to large public spaces. A garden is a physical space that can be seen and touched. Hence, it is not an abstract noun. It is a type of concrete noun and hence is the incorrect option.
Option C) Packet – It is a small container made of paper, cardboard, plastic etc. and is generally used for containing small objects. For e.g. a packet of biscuit, a packet of chocolates etc. This is also a physical thing that can be touched. Hence, is not an abstract noun, rather a concrete noun. Therefore, this option is also incorrect.
Option D) Angel – ‘Angel’ are not abstract nouns. Though it is a topic of debate, as we cannot see spiritual beings, like God, Devil, and Angel. But they are not considered abstract because we believe them to be physical entities that we cannot see. For e.g. Batman and Superman are entities that are imaginary but they too will not be considered as abstract nouns. All imaginary entities also act as concrete nouns. Hence, this option is wrong.

Thus, the correct answer is Option (A) i.e, Prosperity.

Note: The opposite of abstract nouns is called concrete nouns. These are the nouns that are visible to the naked eye or if not visible, they are believed to be physical entities like; God, Satan, Vampires, Fairies. Concrete nouns are also described as nouns that can be observed by at least one of the senses.