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Select correct statement(s).
(i) Jute is the second most important vegetable fibre due to its versatile nature.
(ii) Leaf part of the jute plant gives fibre.
(iii) Flowering stage is the right time to cut jute plants.
A.I , II
D.I, II and III

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Hint: Jute is a natural fiber. Jute fibers are obtained from the stem part of the jute plant. The most important vegetable fiber is cotton.

Complete step by step answer:
Jute is a very long soft and shiny fiber. It can even form coarse fibers and threads. It is among the most affordable fiber and it is the second most produced fiber after cotton. Cellulose and lignin are the major parts of the jute fiber. The soil needed for jute plants is alluvial soil. The standing water is required for jute cultivation. The best climate for growing jute is the monsoon climate or the monsoon season. Soft water is required for jute production and not hard water.
Jute fibers are extracted from the stem of the jute plant; the process is known as retting. The jute stems are bundled together and immersed in running water. It requires very less fertilizers or pesticides, it is mostly grown up by rain unlike cotton which has very high requirements. It is best harvested during its flowering stages.
 Jute is very versatile in nature. It is the second most important vegetable fiber after cotton. Jute is mainly used to make clothes for wrapping bales of cotton and to produce coarse cloth. Curtains, chairs, carpet, rugs, bags, ropes etc are also made using jute.

Hence, the correct option is option C.

Jute is known as the golden fiber, due to its properties like cheapness, softness, length, lustre and uniformity of its fibre. It is called the 'brown paper bag' because of its use in making the gunny sacks for the storage of rice, wheat, grains etc.
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