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________ River is likewise called Dakshina Ganga.
(a) Godavari
(b) Tapti
(c) Ganga
(d) Cauvery

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: It's so far India's second-biggest River after the Ganga. Its supply is in Trimbakeshwar, Maharashtra, and is the biggest within the peninsula. It is called the Ganga of South India or ' Dakshina Ganga' due to the fact it's far the biggest river of South India further Ganga in northern India.

Complete Answer:
The Godavari has been respected in Hindu scriptures for plenty of millennia and keeps to the harbor and nourishes a wealthy cultural heritage. In the beyond few decades, the river has been barricaded through quite a number of barrages and dams.
It bureaucracy one in every of the biggest river basins withinside the Indian subcontinent. The Godavari River has an insurance region of 312,812 km. The river basin is taken into consideration to be divided into three sections- upper, middle, and lower.
Within the nation of Andhra Pradesh, it flows through the hilly terrain of the Eastern Ghats called the Papi hills. Sir Arthur Cotton Barrage was built across River Godavari in Rajamahendravaram City. The fundamental Godavari River as much as the confluence with Pranhita tributary is dammed absolutely to make use of the water for irrigation. Godavari River
So, the correct answer is Option A.

Note: The common drying up of the Godavari River within the drier months has been a count of fantastic concern. Indiscriminate damming alongside the river has been referred to as an apparent reason. Within Maharashtra, sugarcane irrigation has been blamed as one of the primary causes. Moreover, the river is valued and praised in the Hindu religion. One of the states in India in which the Godavari river flows in Andhra Pradesh.