Remote sensing satellites are placed in which of the following orbits.

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Hint: In most recent communication systems the satellites are used geosynchronous orbits. The synchronous orbit appears to oscillate north and south. An elliptical orbit appears to oscillate eastward and westward. The weather satellites are mostly circular and placed in the low earth orbit.

Complete step by step answer:
Usually, the satellite having zero inclination which refers that the orbits remain at the equator all the time.
The sun-synchronous orbit is very much useful in reconnaissance satellites, and weather satellites. The noon or midnight orbit is known as the special case of the sun-synchronous orbit.
We can achieve the sun-synchronous orbit by osculating the orbital plane process which rotates approximately one degree eastward every day concerning the celestial sphere.
Generally, the sun-synchronous orbits are around the oblate planets like mars. around the earth, the sun-synchronous orbit altitude is \[600 - 800\] km.
Generally, the remote sensing satellite carries ocean and atmospheric information which needs sunlight regularly. Regular lighting is useful for satellites that image in the visible region or infrared regions.
So these kinds of satellites are placed in the sun-synchronous orbits.

Finally, the correct answer is an option(C) .

When an orbit or period is greater than the synchronous orbit then it’s said to be a super synchronous orbit. The communication satellites are usually placed in the geostationary or near the geostationary orbits. Hence the satellite antenna communicates with them without moving and it pointed fixe at the particular locations. Most satellites are orbiting the earth at altitudes between \[160{\text{ }}and{\text{ }}2000km\].