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Red data book is famous for
(a)Extinct plants and animals
(b)Extinct plants only
(c)Endangered plants and animals
(d)Extinct animals only

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Hint: The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is responsible for the maintenance and regulation of the red data book. This organization was founded in 1965 and works in the field of conservation of nature and sustainable use of natural resources.

Complete Answer:
The ‘Red data book' is famous for endangered plants and animals.
-The 'Red Data Book' keeps into account the rare and endangered species of animals, plants, and fungi as well as some local subspecies, that inhabit a small territory, state, or country.
-This book provides essential information for studies and monitoring programs on rare and endangered species and their habits.
-Endangered species are those species that lie on the verge of extinction in the near future in a particular region. They are continuously threatened by habitat loss, poaching, and invasive variety. Example- Giant Panda, Tiger, Blue Whale, Asian Elephant, Snow Leopard, etc.
-Extinct animals are those species that are no longer living. Example- Mammoth, Dodo, Steller's Sea Cow, Tasmanian Tiger, etc.

So, the correct answer is 'Endangered plants and animals'.

Note: -The Red List and Red Data Book are co-related. The Red list contains the names of endangered species and the red data book contains information of endangered species.
-There are nine categories in the IUCN Red List system, from species that are not threatened to already extinct species.
-The categories, Vulnerable, Endangered, and Critically Endangered consist of threatened species. They are based on five scientific criteria namely- the rate of decline, population size, area of geographic distribution, degree of population, and distribution fragmentation.