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Rearrange the following word clusters to make a meaningful sentence;
Also need/we/the local weather/in mind/to/keep

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Hint: We need to consider the general word order for sentences in English to solve this question. The general word order is Subject-Verb-Object and we will use this as the template for making a meaningful sentence.

Complete answer:
After observing the different word clusters given in the question, we can say that ‘we’ is the subject of our sentence and thus we shall place it in the beginning of the sentence. Next we need a verb; and that will be ‘to keep’. After the verb we shall add the object at the end of the sentence, which in this case will be ‘the local weather’.

After this, we are left with words like ‘also need’ and ‘in mind’. These word clusters can be used as adverbs to modify the verb ‘to keep’.
Thus, the final sentence will be; We also need to keep in mind the local weather.
Another way of writing the exactly same sentence can be; We also need to keep the local weather in mind.
Both sentences mean the same, are grammatically correct and are the right answers.

Note: If we check single words individually, then we have two verbs ‘need’ and ‘keep’. We would also have two object; ‘mind’ and ‘weather’. We have an adjective ‘local’. But checking all the words individually would make the process lengthy and complicated. Hence, we cluster words together and understand their role easily. We can consider the complete phrase ‘need to keep in mind’ as a verb and ‘the local weather’ as an object and this approach would make our sentence formation faster.