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Raju is 22 years old and Ramu is 19 years old. Write the difference of their ages in Roman system.

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: We find the difference between the ages of two people by subtracting the age of one person from the age of another person. Use the knowledge of roman numbers and select the correct option.
* Roman number system is a number system that has numerals based on roman system. The symbols used I, V, X, L, C, D and M standing respectively for 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1000.
* Rule of writing a number in Roman number system form are:
If a symbol appears after a larger or equal symbol, we add the symbol. Example: VIII is \[5 + 3 = 8\]
If a symbol appears before a larger symbol, we subtract the symbol. Example: IX is \[10 - 1 = 9\]

Complete step-by-step answer:
We are given ages of Raju and Ramu.
Age of Raju is 22 years
Age of 19 years
We find the difference between ages of two persons by subtracting age of one person by age of another person.
Here age of Raju is more, so we subtract age of Ramu from age of Raju
\[ \Rightarrow \]The difference of their ages\[ = 22 - 19\]
\[ \Rightarrow \]The difference of their ages\[ = 3\] … (1)
Now we write first few roman numbers till we get 3
So, the value of difference of their ages in roman numbers is III.

So, option A is correct.

Note: Students are likely to make mistakes when subtracting as they might subtract greater value from lesser value which will give a negative value. Students tend to write the difference then in negative terms which is wrong. Always keep in mind the difference of ages is always positive. Also, numbers should be written in roman number system form and then chosen to avoid confusion.