When it is raining, the dew point is
A. ${{0}^{\circ }}$
B. ${{60}^{\circ }}$
C. ${{100}^{\circ }}$
D. Room temperature

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Hint: The dew point is the atmospheric temperature which is varying according to the humidity in the surrounding and pressure and below which water droplets start to become condense and dew can form. Or this is the temperature that air needs to be cooled in order to achieve a relative humidity of $100\%$.

Formula used:
To calculate the dew point temperature is:
Where ${{T}_{d}}$ - dew point temperature (in degree Celsius)
$T$ - Observed temperature (in degree Celsius)
$RH$ - Relative humidity (in percent)

Complete step by step answer:
The temperature at which air can hold the maximum amount of moisture present in the surrounding or atmosphere is called dew point temperature. If the temperature is decreased or falls down below this value, some amount of water vapors must condense.

So, when it is raining, the dew point temperature is at room temperature.

So, the correct answer is “Option D”.

Additional Information:
When the temperature is below the melting point of water, the temperature is named the frost point, as frost is made via deposition instead of condensation to make dew. The measurement of the temperature is said to be humidity. A higher temperature means there's more moisture within the air. In liquids, the cloud point is the equivalent term.

In technical terms, the dew point temperature is that the temperature at which the water vapors during a sample of air at constant atmospheric pressure condenses into liquid water at an equivalent rate at which it evaporates. At temperatures below the temperature, the speed of condensation is going to be greater than that of evaporation, forming more liquid water. The condensed water is named dew when it forms on a solid surface, or frost if it freezes.