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Protoplasm is the physical basis of life was suggested by
A) Purkinje
B) Huxley
C) Sidney fox
D) Hugo Von Mohl

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Hint:“Protos” mean – first, “plasma” means substance. It is a colourless material comprising the living part of the cell. It controls the activities of the cells.

Complete answer:
A) Purkinje – In 1840 a semifluid living was noted in the plant cells by Bohemian biologist Johannes Purkinje. The proposed for in the name of protoplasm.
B) Huxley – He suggested that protoplasm is the inside the cell walls of the living known as protoplasm. It is a jelly like substance. Huxley- He was a British biologist. Huxley’s vigorously supported Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory and earned nickname “Darwins’s bulldog”. His theory states that protoplasm is the physical basis of life.
C) Sidney Fox – He was a biochemist. They explored the synthesis of amino acids from inorganic molecules, the synthesis of proteinaceous amino acids and amino acid polymers called “proteinoids”. He also supported “abiogenesis”, where life arises spontaneously itself from the colloquially known “primordial soup”.
D) Hugo Von Mohl – He was a German botanist. He was the first person to use word protoplasm. Mohl was one of the first to use the microscope to study the nature of plant cell structure and the physiology of higher plants.

Hence the correct answer is option B. Huxley.

Note: According to Huxley protoplasm is a thick fluid or jellylike substance and it is a combination of nucleoplasm and cytoplasm which make it a skeletal support for cells and the physical activity of cells depend on it.