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Product of two integers with unlike sign is
  & \left( a \right)\text{Negative} \\
 & \left( b \right)0 \\
 & \left( c \right)\text{Positive} \\
 & \left( d \right)\text{None of these} \\

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Hint: These types of questions are pretty straight in nature and are easy to solve and don't involve any complex concepts. We can very efficiently solve the problem once we understand some of the easy concepts behind the problem. We need to have some idea of chapters like algebra and basic mathematics in order to solve these type of problems. Here in this case we assume two integers, one positive and one negative and then try to find the result when we find the product of these two integers.

Complete step-by-step solution:
Now we start off with the solution to the given problem by first assuming the two integers, we assume the positive integer as \[a\] and the negative integer as \[-b\] . After this we multiply the two integers as, \[\left( +a \right)\times \left( -b \right)\] . Now we can also write this as, \[ab\left( +1 \right)\times \left( -1 \right)\] . Now when we multiply any opposite signs, the result becomes negative and is equal to \[-1\] . Thus here in our problem, the resultant answer would be nothing but \[-ab\] , because the multiplication of \[\left( +1 \right)\times \left( -1 \right)\] results in \[-1\] . Now choosing the option for the answer, we see that option ‘a’ matches our answer because it is written “negative”. So our final answer is option ‘a’.

Note: These types of problems require some basic understanding of high school mathematics to solve it. We need to keep in mind three things. Two positive integers when multiplied result in a positive answer. Multiplication of two negative integers results in a positive result. Multiplication of one positive and one negative integer results in a negative answer.