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Pick up the true fish from the following.
A. Devilfish
B. Flying fish
C. Crayfish
D. Cuttlefish

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Hint: Fishes refer to the members of the superclass Pisces. They belong to the phylum Chordata or Vertebrata. This is because they have a persistent notochord that develops into the vertebral column.

Complete answer:The fishes are characterized by the presence of the scales on their skin or the tegument. They also have several kinds of fins. The members of Pisces are exclusively aquatic. They are further kept under the category of Gnathostomata that consists of the members having jaws.
Devilfish –
It is also known as the giant devil ray. It is a species of the family Mobulidae. It belongs to the class Elasmobranchii and phylum Chordata. It is one of the largest ray fishes. It has a spiny tail.
Flying fish –
The flying fish is also known as the Exocetus. It belongs to the family of Exocoetidae of class Actinopterygii. Their superclass is Pisces. This makes them true types of fishes. The fins of these fishes are very long and winglike.
Crayfish –
The Crayfish are also known as crawfish, crawdaddies, craydids, freshwater lobsters, crawdads, mountain lobsters, yabbies, or mudbugs. The crayfish is a freshwater crustacean. It belongs to the phylum Arthropoda.
Cuttlefish –
Cuttlefish are also known as Sepia or Cuttles. They belong to the phylum Mollusca. Their class is on Cephalopoda. They belong to the order Sepiida. They are exclusively marine. They are characterized by the presence of a unique internal shell or the cuttlebone.
Thus, based on the above information we can conclude that the flying fish is the true fish.

Hence, the correct answer is an option (B).

Note: The flying fishes can make self-propelled and powerful leaps out of the water into the air up to a height of six meters. This gives an illusion as they are flying and therefore the name. The long, winglike fins of these fishes enable them in the gliding flight.