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How many ova and sperms would be produced from 100 secondary oocytes and 100 secondary spermatocytes, during gametogenesis in humans?
A. 100 ova, 100 sperms
B. 100 ova, 200 sperms
C. 50 ova, 100 sperms
D. 200 ova, 200 sperms

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint: Within the procedure of spermatogenesis unmarried secondary spermatocyte produces sperms for that reason 100 secondary spermatocytes will essentially produce 2 hundred sperms. Within the technique of oogenesis commonly unmarried, secondary oocytes produce one ova and one polar frame, or so that they form a notion.

Complete answer:
The germ cells of seminiferous tubules sort of present near the pill essentially function as spermatogonia, which especially divide and bring quite an awful lot extra cells by using mitosis in a diffused way. some of these new cells virtually serve as primary spermatocytes, that specifically go through meiosis; meiosis I produce two secondary spermatocytes (n) which kind of is particularly followed by meiosis II, which produces 4 spermatids in a generally most important way. Spermatids then basically differentiate into sperm, honestly contrary to famous perception. For that reason, every secondary spermatocyte produces two sperms, which for the most part means that 100 secondary spermatocytes will produce 2 hundred sperms. In the course of oogenesis, the primary oocyte undergoes the first meiotic department to sincerely produce one secondary oocyte (egg mobile) and one polar body honestly (non-useful cell). Therefore, one secondary oocyte serves as one egg cell, which essentially means that one hundred egg cells essentially are produced via one hundred secondary oocytes, which honestly is quite extensive.

So, the correct answer is “option B”.

A hundred will generally produce a hundred ovum, displaying how inside the system of spermatogenesis pretty single secondary spermatocyte produces sperms accordingly one hundred secondary spermatocytes will form and produce 2 hundred sperms. In the process of oogenesis, specifically a single secondary oocyte produces one ova and one polar frame, or so they sincerely thought.