Optical Fibre works on the principle of
A. Total internal refraction
B. Total internal Reflection
C. Polarisation
D. Interference

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Hint: Optical Fibre is wave guided die – electric cable which non-conducting in nature used to data transmission using light pulses travelling in it. It transmits the light without any loss of energy. From one place to another for longer as well as for a shorter distance.

Complete step-by-step answer:
In optical fibre cable light pulses bounce back and transmit from one place to another with any loss in the energy of light.
Basically bounce back of light is the phenomena of Reflection of light in the same medium and happens without any loss.
We can say Optical Fibre works on the principle of total internal Reflections. It is a power full Phenomena which is used in optical fibre cable to transmit data from one place to another place.
Total Internal reflection is complete reflection.
Light (without any loss of light energy) ray within a medium like glass and water from surrounding surfaces.
This Phenomena occurs if the angle of incidence is greater than the critical angle.
For this light must be travelling from a most dense medium into a less dense medium.
Therefore the correct choice is: (B) Total internal reflection.

Note: Optical Fibre technology used to transmit data without loss in the Energy of light. This technology used the concept of light which is known as Total Internal Reflection (TIR).
This phenomena happens when light rays pass through more optically, dense medium to less optically dense medium. Also the angle of incident should be greater than the critical angle.