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One inch equals “2.54” centimeters. How do you find the length of a newborn in inches if it measures “45.7” centimeters?

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: In unit conversion you have to know the small and big units so that according to the length you can use the unit accordingly, inch is a bigger unit than centimeter, and we know that coming from smaller to bigger unit we need to use divide, and from bigger to smaller, multiplication needed by the conversion factor.

Formulae Used:
\[2.54\,cm = 1inch(in)\]

Complete step by step answer:
Given length is \[45.7\,\,centimeters(cm)\]. We know: \[2.54\,cm = 1inch(in)\]
Now after adjusting the above equation that is by dividing \[2.54\] on the both side of equation so that for a unit centimeter we get the result then finally we can multiply the required number with unity for which we are searching for, we get:
\[\dfrac{{2.54}}{{2.54}}cm = \dfrac{1}{{2.54}}inch\]
\[\Rightarrow 1cm = \dfrac{1}{{2.54}}inch\]
With the above equation now we get the results for unit centimeter and now after multiplying by \[45.7\]as given in question we get,
45.7cm = \dfrac{{45.7}}{{2.54}}inches \\
\therefore 45.7cm = 19.99inches \\ \]
Hence the final result after conversion is \[17.99\,inches\].

Note:Unit conversion should be done according to the proper information of conversion from one unit to another, when you are dealing with length measuring then only you need meter and centimeter or millimeter and kilometer. According to the amount of length you are measuring you have to deal with such units higher the length higher the measuring unit.While conversion of smaller unit to bigger unit you always have to divide, and at the same time while converting bigger unit to smaller you have to multiply.