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How old is Mrs. Macpherson now? Where was she?

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Hint: The above question is taken from the lesson ‘the best Christmas present in the world’. During the Christmas season, during the war, this story takes place. The lesson reflects on soldiers' and their families' desire to reunite and spend time with their families.

Complete answer:
The chapter tells the story of Connie, an elderly lady who is the wife of a British soldier. She mistook her visitor for her husband and referred to their reunion as "The Best Christmas Present in the World."
Michael Morpurgo wrote The Best Christmas Present in the World. The story begins with the author deciding to purchase an old roll-top desk. He found one in a Bridport junk shop. It was in poor condition, but it was adequate. So he thought he could fix it and brought it home. On the eve of Christmas, he began working on it. He opened the drawers and discovered them in a damaged condition. The last drawer stuck fast and the author had to apply more force to open it.

Mrs. Jim Macpherson is Captain Jim Macpherson's widow. Mrs. Macpherson was 101 years old. She was in Burlington House nursing home. Captain Jim had been killed in the war. Mrs. Macpherson had been waiting for her husband to return for many years and had become a little forgetful in the process. Her home caught fire, and she was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Thus, Mrs. Macpherson was 101 years old now. She was in Burlington House nursing home.

Note: The Best Christmas Present in the World teaches students that war only brings sadness and pain to humanity. Soldiers who fight in a war and are killed in the process lose their families. As a result, countries should strive for peace to achieve happiness and harmony among the world's people. We have provided you with the CBSE Class 8 English Honeydew Prose Summary of The Best Christmas Present in the World that must have helped 8th Standard students to have a thorough understanding of the chapter.