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_________ occurs in equatorial regions where rainfall and warmth are abundant, while __________ biomes lack rain.
A. Desert temperatures
B. Tropical rain frost, desert
C. Tundra, Savannah
D. Desert, chaparral

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Hint: Equatorial region is located around the equator which covers 6% surface of earth. Biome is an area which can be classified according to the plants and animals that live in it.

Complete answer:
First of all you should know about the equatorial regions and biomes. Equatorial regions are located in a band around the Equator and it covers around the 6% of the Earth's surface. The climate here is hot and well all year round and they are often in lowland areas. Tropical rainforests grow in the equatorial regions. Biomes is an area where plants and animals live in and it is classified according to them. It can be found over a range of continents. These are formed in response to a shared physical climate.

The warm climate and the equatorial regions where rainfall is abundant is seen in the tropical rain forests. The rainfall there is 90-160 cm.

In biomes in the desert the climate is hot and dry there and the air also has very little water vapours and therefore it is a poor insulator. The temperature there rises during the day and falls greatly at night because of the heat radiated from the ground and these biomes lack rain.

> If we look at option A which is Desert temperate then this is incorrect as per the demand of the question and it does not grow in the equatorial regions.

> Moving to option B which is Tropical rain frost, desert. This one is the right option as tropical rain forests grow in the equatorial region. Rainfall is abundant there and the climate there is also warm. In the desert in biomes, there is no rainfall and the climate is hot and dry. Therefore, this option supports the demand of the question and it is the correct one.

> Option C is Tundra, Savannah. These also do not grow on equatorial regions and this is the correct option as per the demand of the question and explanation given above.

> Option D is Desert, chaparral. This is also not the correct one as tropical rain forests grow in the equatorial region.

Hence, The correct answer is option (B).

Note: Rainfall is abundant and the climate is also warm in the tropical rainforest which occurs in the equatorial region and there is no rain in the desert in biome. These options are given in the option B therefore that is the correct option.