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Now complete these sentences about your house and home.
a) My house is ________________________________.
b) The best thing about my home is ________________.

Last updated date: 14th Jul 2024
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Hint: People sometimes confuse the terms home and residence, thinking they mean the same thing. When we refer to a structure as our residence, we are referring to the actual structure; but, when we refer to a structure as our home, we are referring to the location where our family resides.

Complete answer:
a) My house is a two-storied building in the outskirts of the city. It was bought by my father three years ago. It has three bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. It has a large drawing room that doubles as a dining room. My house has a kitchen, a storage space, and a lovely lawn outside, and the rooms are big. They have plenty of natural light and are well-ventilated. Our car can be parked in a garage. My home is really cosy, and I liked it a lot.

b) The best thing about my home is the warmth and love I receive from my family. My home is one of my favourite places in the world. At my home, there is a lot of laughter and joy. My parents make us aware of all the positive things about life and we try to understand them. It is the best place to rest and relax after work.

Note: A home is a place where we feel safe, secure, and at ease. We have unique and meaningful things surrounding us, but most importantly, we are surrounded by people we love and who love us. A family transforms a building into a home by living in it and customising it. When the family comes in, they turn the space into a house.