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Non-biodegradable substances are the one which_________.
A) Do not degrade
B) Degrades efficiently
C) Degrades very slowly
D) Remains unharmed

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Hint: The substances of inorganic origin that accumulate in the environment, and cause pollution. They produced dangerous gases while burned.

Complete answer:
To solve this question, first we should know about the ecosystem and its components. They create dangerous gases while burned.
Now, let us find the solution from the given options-
Non-biodegradable substances are those which the decomposers cannot kill and therefore remain in the pollution-causing environment. So, the option A is the correct option. Thus, not degrading is an incorrect answer.
Non-biodegradable substances are the non-natural wastes which cannot be degraded. So, option B is an incorrect option. Thus, degrading efficiently is an incorrect answer.
Over several years non-biodegradable compounds have not been broken down or dissolved. So, option C cannot be the correct answer. Thus, degrading very slowly is an incorrect answer.
Non-biodegradable substances cannot be decomposed and thus, they cause environmental pollution. So, option D cannot be the correct option. Thus, remaining unharmed is an incorrect answer.

Thus, the right option is option A i.e.,do not degrade

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