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Last updated date: 28th Nov 2023
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Name the product obtained when ethyl cyanide is treated with alkaline hydrogen peroxide.

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Hint: Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical that appears as a colourless liquid. The molecular formula of hydrogen peroxide is $ {H_2}{O_2} $ . The common name of hydrogen peroxide is oxydol or peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is manufactured by the catalysis of the reaction of $ {H_2} $ with atmospheric $ {O_2} $ . Anthraquinone is used as a $ {H_2} $ carrier.

Complete answer:
Hydrogen peroxide is generally used as an oxidising agent. It yields different products based on the medium in which it is used. It is used in neutral form in the formation of peroxides and N-oxides. Hydrogen peroxide $ {H_2}{O_2} $ in acidic form that is in presence of acid $ {H^+ } $ becomes a highly unstable and reactive $ H{O^-} $ ion . This is used in the conversion of alkenes to trans diol and amines to nitro compounds. Hydrogen peroxide in presence of alkali $ O{H^ - } $ gives a nucleophilic species $ {O^ - } - OH $ and water $ {H_2}O $ .
 $ ^{H - O - OH\xrightarrow{{O{H^ - }}}{O^ - } - OH + {H_2}O} $
This is used in hydroboration oxidation reaction , epoxidation and dakin reaction.
The other application is oxidation of cyanide into amides.
The general reaction is as follows;
 $ R - CN\xrightarrow[{O{H^ - }}]{{{H_2}{O_2}}}R - \mathop C\limits^{\mathop {||}\limits^O } $ $ - N{H_2} $
As given , if ethyl cyanide is treated with alkaline hydrogen peroxide we get propenamide.
The reaction is as follows;
 $ {C_2}{H_5} - CN\xrightarrow[{O{H^ - }}]{{{H_2}{O_2}}}C{H_3} - C{H_2} - \mathop C\limits^{\mathop {||}\limits^O } $ $ - N{H_2} $
Ethyl cyanide propenamide
Hence the product obtained when ethyl cyanide is treated with alkaline hydrogen peroxide is propenamide.

Fenton Reagent
Hydrogen peroxide with $ FeS{O_4} $ is known as a fenton reagent.
It is used in the formation of
phenol from benzene
The reaction is as given below;
$ {C_6}{H_6}\xrightarrow[{F{e^{2 + }}}]{{{H_2}{O_2}}}{C_6}{H_5}OH $
Oxidation of $ \alpha - $ hydroxy carboxylic acid
$ RCHOHCOOH\xrightarrow[{F{e^{2 + }}}]{{{H_2}{O_2}}}RCOCOOH $
We get ketones from $ \alpha - $ hydroxy carboxylic acid