Name the instrument used to measure the speed of wind.
B.Wind vane

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Hint:This device is used for measuring the speed of airflow in the atmosphere; it can be in wind tunnels, or in other gas-flow applications. This instrument is used in all weather stations that range from the frigid Arctic to humid equatorial areas. This instrument is used by the users of the plane and drone to verify the conditions of weather before testing their instruments.

Complete answer:
An anemometer implies an instrument that measures wind speed and wind pressure. Anemometers are important tools used by meteorologists to study weather patterns. Anemometer is also used for the work of physicists, who study the ways air moves. Anemometers are the simplest weather tools used to measure the speed of the wind.
The anemometer looks like a windmill or weather vane. It consists of a propeller with cups at the ends of the blades that help to catch the wind. The speed that is the air makes the propeller spin and it determines wind speed. Wind speed helps identify a change in weather patterns, such as an approaching storm. This instrument also helps the pilots to know the wind speed. There are different varieties and ranges of anemometer models which help directly in measuring wind and air velocity. The four different models include Vane Anemometers, Thermal Anemometers, Thermal Anemometers with Velocity or Temperature Profiling, and Cup Anemometers. These types of air velocity instruments are usually classified as constant-temperature, or constant-power anemometers.
The advantages of an anemometer include:
1,Precision measurement
2,Low power utilization capacity
3.Speed, direction, and pressure of wind can be calculated.
4.It provides specific measurements with less power consumption.
5.Distortion of the instrument
6.Skydivers also use to calculate the velocity of the wind with an anemometer
7.Used in aerodynamics for measuring the airspeed

The disadvantages of an anemometer include:
1.Sometimes with strong winds, the instrument may get damaged. So, protection must be taken

Hence, the correct answer is option (A).

Note:Anemometers are used at almost all-weather stations like in arctic and equatorial regions. For measuring air velocity or wind, there are different types of anemometers used for multi-functional like humidity and temperature. Based on the different types of anemometer, these also possess data recording or data logging functionality.