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Name the enzyme which digests:
a) Starch in the mouth
b) Fats in the ileum
c) Protein in duodenum
d) Sucrose in the ileum

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Hint: In mouth saliva secretion occurs right after ingesting food.
Fats are lipids which are digested in the ileum.
Pepsin, trypsin, chymotrypsin enzymes are responsible for protein breakdown.
Sucrose is digested by an enzyme that matches its name.

Complete answer: Process of the breakdown of large insoluble food molecules into smaller water-soluble molecules is called digestion.
The human digestive system digests food to release energy essential for carrying out various activities of the body. In human beings, the digestion process starts within the mouth.
Ingested food is physically broken down and carbohydrate digestion also occurs by salivary amylase enzyme.
Protein digestion occurs in the stomach and small intestine.
Trypsin works in the duodenum to digest proteins and peptides.
Fat digestion entirely takes place in the small intestine by lipase.
Other carbohydrates such as fructose, maltose are digested in the ileum portion by sucrose, maltase, etc.

So the correct answer is as follows:
Substance Enzyme
Starch in the mouthPtyalin or salivary amylase
Fats in the ileumLipase
Protein in duodenumTrypsin
Sucrose in the ileumSucrase

Note: In humans, holozoic type nutrition takes place i.e. food is consumed as a whole and then the food materials are digested internally.
Trypsin is synthesized in the pancreas but it acts in the duodenum.
Lipase is also synthesized in the pancreas but acts at the ileum.