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Name five ancient things collected by Mr Wonka.

Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Hint: This question belongs to the chapter “The Invention of Vita-Wonk,” class seventh English Book. Mr Willy Wonka, the main character, travelled around the world to collect special items from the oldest living things for his invention called Vita-Wonk.

Complete answer:
Mr Willy Wonka was an unusual man. All his inventions were quite strange, and he used to do all these mysterious works in an Inventing room. Earlier, he had invented Wonka-Vite that made people younger to such an extent that their ages have gone into negative and they became invisible.

He then invented Vita-Wonk that could help people grow older. He travelled around the world in his ‘Great Glass Elevator’ to collect items for Vita-Wonk. He took special items from some of the oldest living things. Later, in his inventing room, he mixed all these items, boiled and bubbled them several times and then invented a single tiny cupful of an oily black liquid.

The five ancient things collected by Mr. Wonka were:
- A pint of sap from a 4000 year old Bristlecone pine tree.
- The whiskers of a 36 year old cat named Crumpets.
- An egg laid by a 200 years old tortoise which belonged to the king of Tonga.
- The tail of a 207 year old giant rat from Tibet.
- The tail of 51 year old horse in Arabia.

Note: Mr Wonk tested his new invention on a 20 years old Oompa – Loompa volunteer.The moment the brave volunteer ingested 4 drops of the new invention, his hair started dropping off and his teeth started falling out. Within few minutes the volunteer became a seventy year old man.