Molasses are used for the production of
A) Paper and fuel
B) Fertilizers
C) Alcohol
D) None of these

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Molasses are also called black treacle. Molasses is a viscous product produced by refining sugar beets or sugar cane into sugar. The type of molasses varies depending on the amount of sugar, method of extraction, and the age of the plant.

Complete Answer:
One of the methods of alcohol production is by molasses fermentation. It is a process in which the sugar called sucrose obtained from the molasses is converted into cellular energy that produces alcohol called ethanol and by product called carbon dioxide. Appropriate substrate is provided by the Molasses from sugarcane or sugar in the production of ethanol. The sucrose present in the molasses is the basic source of concentrated sugar. Only fifty to fifty five percent of molasses contains the required reducing sugars that is useful in the process of fermentation. Fermentable and non-fermentable sugars are present in the molasses, out of which only fermentable sugars are used directly in the fermentation process. Unfermentable sugars of molasses consist of other components such as Starch, Cellulose or Pectin. Non-fermentable sugars can be used only after being hydrolyzed. The process of fermentation is initiated with the help of enzymes and reactions. Therefore, option C: Alcohol is the correct answer as molasses are used in the production of alcohol called ethanol.

So, option C is the correct option.

Formation of alcohol with the use of molasses is one of the most cost effective ways of production of alcohol. It is considered as the earliest biotechnologies used by humans for the production of Ethanol. Other than alcohol, molasses is also used as a sweetener and in flavoring of the foods.