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What is meant by insulated copper wire ?

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Hint: Copper is a good conductor of electricity and copper has been used in the past in various electrical wiring systems since from 1820. It consists of two or more copper wires running side by side twisted and bonded together inside the cable of electrical wires.

Complete answer:
Let us understand what insulated copper wire means in brief. A copper wire allows the flow of electricity through them easily and to protect this copper wire from surrounding environment, generally copper wires are coated with insulator materials such as plastic or enamel which prevents the charging of wire and it helps in managing any other environmental effects such as moisture, humidity and temperature and protects the safe flow of electricity through copper wires.

These insulated wires are widely used in inductors, transformers, motors, speakers, electromagnets and many other electrical devices wherever necessary. If we don’t insulate our copper wires from insulating materials there is a possibility of wires getting damaged easily due to its surrounding humidity, moisture and other environmental factors which can affect copper wires easily.

Note:Insulated copper wires are also used as a source of scrap copper. In electromagnets there's a coating of non-conductive insulation from materials like plastic and enamel. Even for household items, it’s advised to buy only insulated copper wires for safety measures and open wires can damage the electrical wiring system in the house. Copper insulated wires are also cheap and eco-friendly to use, they can even be replaced for further use.