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What do you mean by limiting factors? Explain the effect of light on photosynthesis. Which hormone is named as the hormone of flight and flight?

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Hint:In ecology, a resource is defined as a substance in an environment that is essential and is utilized by an organism for its growth, maintenance, and reproduction. These resources can be abiotic (light) or biotic factors and they influence the functioning of an organism severely.

Complete step by step answer:A limiting factor is defined as a resource that limits the growth or distribution of an organism or population in an ecosystem. These can be either abiotic or biotic factors that can be identified through a response of increased or decreased growth, abundance, or distribution of a population.
These can be categorized under Liebig’s Law of the Minimum, which states that-
“Growth is not controlled by the total abundance of resources available, but by the scarcest (limited) resource”.
An organism is restricted from occupying their fundamental niche because of the limiting factor and results instead in the fulfillment of their actual or realized niche.
Different types of factors on which growth depends are as follows-
a. Density-dependent
b. Density independent
c. Physical and biological limiting factors
Sunlight tends to be a factor that controls the temperature of the habitat and thus affects photosynthesis in terms of photon energy. As the rate of sunlight increases, the rate of photosynthesis also increases but that does not mean that there should be an inadequate amount of other resources. But since one-factor increases, the other factor automatically decreases.

When acute stress happens, the sympathetic nervous system in the body is activated due to the sudden release of hormones. Then the sympathetic nervous system stimulates the adrenal glands that trigger the release of Catecholamines- Adrenaline, and Noradrenaline. Adrenaline is also known as the hormone of fight and flight.

Note:Points to remember-
1. A factor is said to be limiting if a change in a resource is visible which is due to increased growth, distribution, or abundance while other factors do not. It works on the principle of Liebig's Law of the minimum.
2. The rate of photosynthesis is greatly affected by the intensity of light.
3.The hormones released during fight and flight hormones are released during conditions of stress.