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Make an oblique sketch for the given isometric shape below:  

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Hint: An oblique sketch can be defined as a diagram intended to portray the perspective of an object in three dimensions.

As we see, the above given figure is the isometric shape. 

$\Rightarrow$ As, Isometric shape is drawn in isometric dot paper having dots that are equally placed.

$\Rightarrow$ So, we have to make the oblique sketch of the above figure.

$\Rightarrow$ And as we know that oblique sketches are drawn in a paper having grids.

$\Rightarrow$ So, Oblique sketch of the above isometric shape is drawn below.

NOTE: - Whenever you come up with this type of question then only you have to change the paper. As oblique sketch is drawn in grid paper and isometric sketch is drawn in isometric dot paper.