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Jenna’s garden is \[5\,yards\] long. How long is her garden in feet?

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Hint: A yard is a unit of length. The symbol of the yard is “yd”. It is equal to \[3\,feet\] or \[36\,inches\]. A foot is also a unit of length measurement. The symbol of the foot is “ft”. One foot is equal to \[12\,inches\] and \[\dfrac{1}{3}\] yard.
Formula used: \[1yd = 3\,ft\] and \[1ft = 0.33333\,yd\]

Complete step-by-step solution:
To convert yard to foot, we need to multiply the given value by \[3\].
\[1yd = 3\,ft\] and \[1ft = 0.33333\,yd\]
Now according to the question Jenna has 5 yards long garden, and as we know that \[1yd = 3\,ft\]
So, 5 yards = \[5 \times 3 = 15\] feet
Therefore, Jenna has a 15 feet long garden.
Additional information: The basic application of yards is in field-length measurements such as a sports ground and a foot is generally used to measure height or altitude in aviation and in elevation The human’s height is also measured in foot and inches all these are interconvertible.

Note: The above question was a very easy one, and was solved very quickly. But one thing we should keep in mind is that the calculation should be properly done, also feet is the plural of foot, that is if there is more than one foot, we say feet and not foot.