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How can issues in civic life be solved?
A. Identifying the problem
B. Everyone’s effort and co-operation to solve them.
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

Last updated date: 18th Jun 2024
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> Problem in civic life is defined as the situations which people have to face in villages or cities.
> It is also concerned with the affairs in the society or nation.
> The main idea is to overcome these situations.

Complete answer:
Option A - Identifying the problem is the most prominent element for overcoming any situation in life. It is the first step which should be taken as understanding and knowing any problem or its causes deeply is very must for making any strategies in life. The problem should be deeply analyzed and the weak points should be taken into consideration. So, it is a correct statement.

Option B - Everyone’s effort and co-operation to solve them is the second best thing to tackle any problem in life. As it is said, ‘One plus one is three’ which means a group of brains is always more productive than an individual brain. So, group work and cooperation among the individuals to solve any problem can overcome any situation in this world. So, it is the correct answer.

Option C – So, both the statements are correct.

Option D – It is an invalid option.

Therefore the correct answer is C

Some of the important steps which should be taken to solve issues of civic life are:
> Innovation – It is an important aspect in today’s technological scenario to always keep on creating new ideas.
> Another important element is to break the problem into smaller pieces and distribute it among every member for providing its solutions.
> Each and every alternative should be efficiently and effectively used for optimum utilization of resources.