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Iron and Rust are the same substances.
A. True
B. False

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Hint: Iron is a chemical element represented by Fe which Fe stands for ferrum which is a Latin word and the atomic number of Fe is 26. This metal belongs to group 8 of the periodic table and kept in the category of transition elements because it contains d subshell.

Complete answer:
Rusting generally acts on the surface of iron due to which the surface becomes dull. This can be explained by the most reactive nature of iron. Iron reacts with oxygen present in air and forms oxides due to which it gets corroded. The conditions necessary for rust are water and oxygen present in the environment.
Statement given said that iron and rust are the same substances. This is not true as we discussed that iron is a metal where metals are those substances which have high melting point, malleable, ductile in nature and these are generally good conductors of electricity. Iron has all the properties of being a metal but rust is defined as the reaction of iron with the environment it dulls the shine of the metal when it comes in contact with water and oxygen.

Hence the given statement is false, option B is correct.

Some metallic objects develop a change on their surface with the passage of time or we can say that they are kept unused for a long time. This change is due to the chemical reactions proceeding by them in the environment and this process is known as corrosion.
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