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Who invented the first telescope?
A. Hans Lippershey
B. Galileo
C. Ptolemy
D. Plato

Last updated date: 23rd Feb 2024
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Hint: The first person who applied for a patent for a telescope was a Dutch eyeglass maker. In 1608, the man claimed authority for making a device that could magnify objects three times.

Complete answer:
Telescope is one of the greatest inventions in the history of humankind. It is a simple looking device that enables people to look at far away things, even celestial objects that are lightyears away. Initially, the design was quite simple, but with advanced science and technology, the device has gained weight and thus has also improved its functionality.
The first man to claim a patent for inventing the telescope was Hans Lippershey (Lipperhey). He created a device that had a concave eyepiece aligned with a convex objective lens.
A story revolves around the invention of the telescope, as some say that Lippershey got the idea for his device designing after observing two kids in his shop holding up two lenses that made a distant weathervane appear close. Whereas, others claim that Lippershey stole the design from another eyeglass maker, Zacharias Jansen. Jansen and Lippershey both lived in the same town and worked in their respective optical stores. Scholars argue that there is no evidence of Lippershey not developing the telescope design independently. Therefore, Lippershey gets the credit for inventing the telescope, because of the patent application that was claimed by him, and Jansen is credited for making the device microscope.
Hence, it can be said option A gives the correct answer by suggesting it to be Hans Lippershey.

Though Galileo did not invent the telescope altogether, in 1609, after hearing about the ‘Dutch perspective glasses’, he designed his own magnifying device without even looking at the previously created one. The device made by Galileo to look at far away objects enables to see 20 times more closely and he presented the same to the Venetian Senate.
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