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When the ink fountain pen leaks on high altitude:
A. Pressure of air more outside than inside the ink pen.
B. Pressure of air is less outside than inside the pen.
C. The density of ink on high altitude decreases.
D. None of these.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: While moving to the higher altitudes the atmospheric pressure decreases and the fountain pen will have more pressure inside and thus it tries to equalize the pressure both in and out.

Complete step by step answer:
At higher altitudes the atmospheric pressure is low. When a certain altitude is reached the pressure outside the pen is lesser than the air pressure inside the fountain pen. This difference in pressure makes the ink flow from high pressure to low pressure. Thus because of the reduction in the atmospheric pressure at higher altitudes the fountain pen leaks as the pressure of air is less outside than inside the pen.

So, the correct answer is Option B.

Additional information:
No fountain pen is completely leak proof in all circumstances, it depends a lot on what going on changing elevations can bring out slight leakage (whether flying or driving). The extent of leakage depends on the orientation of the pen, how much it’s thrown about, and how much ink it’s filled with and also if the nib is kept upwards there could be chances of less leakage. Once the pen leaks it need not potentially leak for several times as it depends on the conditions in which the pen is placed.

Note: While moving from lower elevation to higher elevation there will be decrease in pressure, the air inside the pen stays in a higher pressure and the pressure outside is dropping the fountain pen tries to equalize the pressure by leaking.