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India has one of the largest networks of which of the following modes of transport?
A. Roadways
B. Railways
C. Waterways
D. Pipelines

Last updated date: 24th Jun 2024
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Hint: A transport system can be conceptualized as the arrangement of connections between hubs, organizations, and the demand. These connections include areas spatially communicating this interest, streams among them, and interfaces intended to deal with and interface these streams. All the parts of the transport system are intended to encourage the development of travelers, cargo, and data, either as discrete or joint segments.

Complete Answer:
The transport system in India contains various particular modes and administrations, outstandingly railroads, streets, street transport, ports, inland water transport, beachfront transportation, and pipelines, etc. The transportation framework in our nation has enlisted an incredible run and a strong development throughout the years regarding network spread and transport framework yield.
India's road network ranks second in terms of the largest road network in the world. Transport in Indian streets is supported while covering long and short distances. India has an incredible organization of streets of around 2,914,133 mi which demonstrates the way that Road transport is the most transcendent method of transport in India.

Thus, option (A) is correct.

Note: Presented in 1853, rail transport administrations in India are one of the conspicuous and dependable methods of transport in the nation. Indian Railways is out and out an essential help to the country. Indian Railways is isolated into different railroad zones, which are further sub-separated into different rail line divisions. As of now, the Indian Railways have seventeen railroad zones and 68 rail route divisions. Trains in India are comprehensively arranged depending on their normal speed.