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In which region was the first metallic coin used in India?
A. Western India
B. The Himalayas
C. Bihar and Eastern Uttar Pradesh
D. The Deccan Plateau

Last updated date: 22nd Jun 2024
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Hint: The first metallic coins were used in the Indo Greek Kingdom. The Kingdom was ruled by over 30 Greek kings who ruled the Northwest and North India from the 2nd century BC to the beginning of 1st century AD. There has been the use of gold silver and metallic coins under different rulers in the Indo Greek dynasty.

Complete answer: First metallic coins in India were used by the Indo Greeks in the Bihar and Eastern Uttar Pradesh region. There are several historical sources which indicate the use of coins under the Indo Greek kings. The quality of coins was one of the most important things in Indo Greek history as most of the kings were only known by their coin and the evolution of the coin types. Therefore there is an important evolution of the shape of coins from round to square and the material of coin from gold to silver to brass across the territories and different periods from the Indo greeks.
Therefore the western India Himalayas and Bihar in Eastern Uttar Pradesh under the rule of Indo greeks.
However, the Deccan Plateau during that time was ruled by the Rashtrakuta kingdom.
Therefore the correct answer is option-C.

Note: The abundance of coins under the Indo Greeks would suggest large mining operations that would have undertaken in the area of Hindu Kush mountains. It also indicates an important monetary economy. There were two types of coins that were used in Greek around and square which suggests that these were also used in trading and other neighbouring kingdom's also adopted their style of the coinage system.