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In a class test containing 10 questions, 5 marks are awarded for every correct answer and (-2) marks are awarded for every incorrect answer and 0 for questions not attempted. A student named Reshma gets five correct answers and five incorrect answers, what is her score?

Last updated date: 29th May 2024
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Hint: Calculate the marks for correct and wrong answers by multiplying marks awarded respectively and add them up.

Given that Reshmma gets 5 marks for every correct answer and -2 for every incorrect answer.

She has answered a total of 10 questions out of which 5 are correct and 5 are incorrect.

So, for every correct answer 5 marks are awarded.
So, the total marks awarded for 5 correct answers=$5 \times 5$ =25

Marks deducted for every wrong answer=-2
The marks deducted for 5 incorrect answers=(5$ \times $ (-2))=-10

So, the score of Reshma =Marks got for correct answer+Marks deducted for wrong answer

So, Reshma’s score is 15

Note: When solving questions like these, be extra careful with + and - signs. Confusion with signs will give you wrong answers.