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If Rs.$25,000$ more invested, then $400$ more shares can be purchased. Find the market value of each share.

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Hint: Use Unitary method.

Using unitary method,
$400$ more shares can be purchased in RS. $ = 25,000$
$1$ share can be purchased in RS. $\begin{gathered}
   = \dfrac{{25,000}}{{400}} \\
   = \dfrac{{25,0{0}{0}}}{{4{0}{0}}} \\
   = 62.5 \\
\end{gathered} $
Hence, market value for each share is Rs $62.5$.

Note: whenever we need to give some relative data. For example, in $x$ amount of something, we got $y$ amount of other things. Then we usually use a unitary method.
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